May 2, 2009

joyful joyful guilt

I am dancing around in joy because Sean finally said ok to me wanting to watch the football match between Arsenal and Portsmouth tonight :) Go Gunners! Go Arshavin~!!! <3

Seriously, something is wrong with me. It's probably the stress coming from preparation of my finals which is like, 5 days away.

I feel so terribly guilty. It's almost 6pm now, and all i've done today is literally -update update update- myself with football news every 20 minutes and do pointless quizzes on facebook. And now i'm blogging because I refuse to continue doing my Heat and Mass Transfer example sheet. Argh.

I want to blog! Like update loads and loads of stuff. But I can't because I have no time to eject my current memory card from my brain which is used to store the things I study and insert in the memory card which I use to store things other than studies.

No time no time, but I am still crapping away here. Just ignore me. Bye. *poof*


Win+ney said...

no worries lao po,we'll be meeting up soon,uh hurm,with ur boy yeaH~~cough cough*

plz do work hard for ur exams,then...partee time after that...=)

take good care,c ya soon=)

heart u.=)

bzz said...

Oh yes !

=P pM's BACK IN ACTION. Hahaha, we seriously need some girls time after ur exams.

wish you all the best !=)

Eileen D said...

thanks you both! love ya'll :)