March 16, 2009

Shorties CAN Run Too! :)

Recently, a good friend of mine from Uni talked me in to joining athletics for the upcoming Sports Carnival. Being the brave and thick skinned shorty, I decided to bring out my guts and go for the tryouts. In the end, I managed to get my name listed for both 1500m and 4 X 400m events.

Knowing I was going to have to compete with born-to-run international students, i'm referring to those from Kenya and Nigeria, I was motivated enough to train hard for the race almost everyday after the tryouts. True enough when the day of the competition arrived, I got defeated by a girl from Kenya. However, I am still very grateful because I wouldn't have been able to complete any of those events without my friends who were there to support me.

So Michelle Eliza, Sean Sia, and my beloved monkey Sean Ong: Thanks so much! :)

Not even willing to wake up for early morning classes, you guys were willing to get up early in the morning for me and stand by the running track while getting burnt by the afternoon sun with empty stomachs just to support me. I thank God for placing you all around me. You guys were the only reasons in my mind throughout the race that pushed me to complete the run :) I wouldn't have been able to do it without you all. And of course not forgetting to thank God for giving me the strength I needed and prayed really hard for, haha.

Some snippets taken by Jon the camera man:

Oh, although I didn't win any of the events, I did manage to get 3rd place for the 1500m run and 2nd place for 4 X 400m :) Thanks to my friends, because it still feels like first.

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