April 2, 2009

Sinful but Guilt-free

My workout schedule last week:

Monday: 20 laps of swimming
Tuesday: 40 laps of swimming
Wednesday: well deserved break
Thursday: badminton and cycling for about 2 hours
Friday: break

I ate the normal portions of food that I normally eat throughout the week, however I did managed to cut down on carbs - especially during lunch and dinner, so that I can reward myself with McDs during the weekend. Hahalala.

And tada...!!!
I lost 2 kgs at the end of the week.

My workout schedule this week:
Monday: 20 laps of swimming
Tuesday: 3.2km run
Wednesday: 30 laps of swimming

The key to losing / maintaining weight but yet being able to eat the food you desire is by exercising. Even a 20 minute simple workout everyday would really help to hide those extra layers. People may think that it's a waste of time since the carbs will be taken in by the body again, but it's NOT true, your body DOES make full use of those 20 minutes of hardwork. On top of that, exercising is a practice of healthy lifestyle.

Eating is important as well, and I just made a new best friend...

Yogurt drinks are the cleansing angels to your small intestines. I indulge in this strawberry and raspberry flavoured one, it's so delicious and makes it perfect to sip on especially when i'm feeling hungry throughout the day.

Instead of the normal chocolates and chips, I try to snack on fruits throughout the week. I know i'm crazy, but my whole point of this diet thing is so that I can fit into my prom dress this Saturday. And guess what? I still managed to lose weight even after eating fast food, meatballs and whatever I want during the weekend :)

So if you're planning on losing weight, but don't have the determination to do so, you can try using my method :
workhard throughout the week, reward yourself during the weekend.

...my next post would most probably on prom, so look foward peeps...if people actually still read this blog, haha.


Xjion89 said...

Omg, u r very good in losing weight!!!! Anywa, I got stmg for u(^^) Go to my blog and hv a look!

munx2 said...

=) Good luck on your diet plan !!! hahaha, I'm also working on my chubby face. Shoo shoo the canadian fats!