March 8, 2009


I got it! All the way from Vancouver, Canada...

I knew it was from you right after seeing your handwriting, I didn't even have to guess who sent it! Lol. Thank you soo much Pui Mun! I almost teared, friends like you are difficult to find nowadays, it's like searching for a needle in the sea.

I just read the post you posted for me and Winney. The post triggered so many memories, especially the time where we held hands during a marathon to complete the race. I'll definitely remember that :) but I do not AT ALL remember walking into tiangs and plants while walking to class! :P

Whatever it is, I am so thankful to have you :) and Winney too of course. She wrote me a really long love letter for my birthday and Valentine's Day too, haha. We went pak-toring without you, again. So hurry pack your baggage NOW and take a plane home!!!

Ignore the water smudges. This lovely piece of work is from Jenna. This is definitely one thing I will keep and treasure for life (until the card disintegrates and decomposes of course). Thank you so much. The card means a lot to me, especially what was written on it. You girls mean a lot to me as well. I am still learning and working hard towards being someone you girls can look up to. However, I really hope you girls will remember to look to God first before anyone else. I know I have tonnes of flaws, but I appreciate the truthfulness in all of you, in fact I am learning alot from you all. So I will definitely be around for you girls, not so much as a leader but more of a friend and sister as much as you all don't like it because I am really just like one of you all, unless you all literally kick me out, haha, which is rather impossible, because i'm yellow ranger :P

Right now, I am thankful beyond any words can describe for friends like you all :)

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Michelle said...

Yeah.=D You received it.

Hahahaha,I read your birthday post few days ago, bet you had a good time with friends.=P

Pak-toring without me summore, HOW CAN ??=P I'll be back soon, like really soon. 1st of May, I'm coming !