March 3, 2009

A Little Too Not Happy

I miss a lot of things and people.
Sometimes I wish time will rewind itself and I would undo most of the things that I've done.
I would do, say and act differently.
I would uncry all the tears that I've cried.
I would keep the people that have left.
I wouldn't buy all the unnecessary things that I did not need.
I wouldn't eat all the unnecessary junk that was bad for me.
I wouldn't waste so much time when I could have used them better.
I wouldn't make all the promises that I couldn't keep.
I wouldn't be sitting here wishing I didn't do many of the things I did.

However, sometimes I am thankful because time is so patient and slowly allows people to realize many truths about themselves, which is exactly why I am sitting here right now regretting, wishing I didn't used to be so naive.

If only someone gave me a time machine for my birthday, it would seriously be the best present ever.

And NO, there is nothing wrong with my English. This post is exactly the way I want it to be - a contradiction between the past and present.

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