March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Indeed.

I am officially 20 years young. Thanks tonnes to those who remembered, all of you made this year's birthday an unforgettable one. I can't thank every single one of you enough :) I appreciate all the little wishes, cakes, presents and most of all the effort.

I had 3 cakes this year, which explains why I am so round right now. Here are some snippets:

This one is from my university mates. White chocolate macadamia :) a.k.a my favourite cake.

This is from my family, Japanese Green Tea with red beans in between :) And I think they mistakenly assumed that I am 21 this year.

This is from the youth, I really wish I knew what cake this is. Oh, and it was actually written on the cake "HAPPY BIRTHDAY EILEEN ONG!" but I scribbled the last name off. Lol.

Despite the financial crisis most people are facing at present, thanks so much to those who got me gifts and digged deeply into your pockets just so I could have a good time. I had fun being surprised, unwrapping presents and celebrating the day I was expecting to be unnoticed with a whole new bunch of people this year. This is a fresh feeling that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thanks ya'll!!! *close to tears*


LadyVanity said...

happy birthday!! :D

Eileen D said...

Thanks kimmie :)