March 5, 2009

Bring in the new Zac Efron!

I really shouldn't be doing this at all, but......



All hail to THE guy who can win my heart anytime over Zac Efron,

I was browsing through my movie collection yesterday looking for something I haven't watched in a long time. I randomly took out the movie "What a Girl Wants" and I watched it twice!!! I highly recommend the movie if you don't mind watching chick flicks. I almost teared during this one, even though i've probably watched it for more than 10 times. However, the catch of the movie is to pay attention to the background music everytime the guy with the name Ian Wallace comes on stage and starts singing.

Oliver James is his actual name. He is the reason why I never get sick of watching movies with him acting in it. Simply because he is undeniably cute, talented, sings like an angel...and most of all, he's British. His accent is definitely one thing that makes him very attractive indeed. You may find him familiar. Other than "What a Girl Wants", he also starred in the movie "Raise Your Voice" with Hilary Duff which also brought out his singing and music talent.

Too bad he chose acting over being a singer. When I found out about that news, I was like..."that guy just threw half of the world's money he could have owned into the sea." But that is just my opinion, so maybe you can tell me about yours :)


Sierra said...

hahaha yeah I know Oliver James. I watched him in 'Raise Your Voice' with Hilary Duff. Not bad looking, I guess, but Zac Efron still wins! =D

Besides, THE GUY who wins my heart above all the other handsome guys is the one and only HUGH JACKMAN! LOL.

Eileen D said...

LOL...i think i'm into british guys nowadays, besides zac efron is getting married soon, and the bride is NOT ME!!! Lol...Hugh Jackman!? You're into old men Sarah!??!! :|

Sierra said...

ahaahaha ooooohhh zac efron getting married soon? i must be more backdated in entertainment news than i thought. =.="

but hahaha yes surprising but i can't get enough of Hugh Jackman at the moment. i really don't care that he's older - he's handsome! =D

paige said...

oh yeahh oliver james is 1 fitty i watched raise ur voice over and over and over agen just 2 look at him lmao i lovee him i used to like zac efron but theres a new guy in town .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx