February 13, 2009

Happy V-Day! :)

A few minutes into the annually celebrated world-wide Valentine's Day. I would describe this day to be over-rated, worse now that it has become a commercialized spectacle. Yet it is so necessary to celebrate :) especially for those who have someone special to be with on this so called "special day".

Sean and myself decided to have an early V-dinner because we didn't wanna tag along with the oh so commercialized set meals served on actual Valentine's Day.

I tend to always chop people's heads off when I hold the camera, I blame my short midgety hands.

A better one, after Sean tries to adjust himself to my height so we can both fit into the picture.

Extremely yummy beef ribs. I promise you.

I think Sean is the only monkey who is not vegetarian. Lol. (He's going to kill me for this, but I had to!)

If only we could eat like the man in this photograph.

Two cheeky fellas - Yellow Ranger & Ape

*Caught red-handed* I'm supposed to be on a hunger strike right now. I have no idea why am I blackmailing myself.

*Coughs* Ahem ahem!

I'd like to take this opportunity and a little room on my blog to appreciate my V for this year and acknowledge everything he has done for me. You know who you are, my one and only - Ape Man

I love you for many reasons. You have a great personality, you are extremely friendly to even strangers, you are amazingly intelligent yet so humble about it, you sing with perfect pitch, you are an awesome massage therapist that I would willingly dig out all the money I have just to get your massages...............and most of all, you behave like an ape :P In other words, you are one of the funniest beings on the surface of this earth.

Monkeys can be sweet though. Real sweet.
I received a gift box from Sean before we went for dinner today. It smelt like a box filled with bananas. Haha, just kidding.

Wrapped with Lancome gift paper *wink wink* :)

After opening the wrapper...

Inside the box.

YAY YAY YAY! *Clapping hands and singing* - when you're happy and you know it clap your hands, clap clap :D

So I got my Magnifique which came with some other stuff - foundation, press powder and a few other perfume samples. Thank you soo much babe :) You're not only my pet monkey, you're also my Genie! And a cheeky one too.

This is from me to you :)

Your Angel Now - Alain Clark

You know this one's for you
I want to thank you for the times you pulled me through
There's so much great in the little things you do
And they just keep adding up

You won't know what I mean
But it means a lot to me that you were there
At a time where I felt no one really cared
You were in the rear
And I, I wouldn't be the same person that I am
If you would not have given me your strength

So call and I'll be on my way
You have been my angel
Let me be your angel now :)
Call and I'll be at your door
As long as I'm able
Have in me your angel

It is so like you to set aside your needs
But I guess they say for those who like to give
It's hard to receive
So here's for you my friend
And in time of need
You can count on me

Nothing in return
Now the tables have turned
Unconditional love just say it and you know it
I'll be there to show it

I truly thank God for you, my Bii :)

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