February 9, 2009

25 Random Facts About The Fatty

I THINK I got tagged by a couple of people. Okay, i'm not very sure but I thought it'd be interesting to be self-centered for a while. Haha, here it goes...

1. My weight has never exceeded 50kgs before as much as I eat.

2. I must read about a movie's synopsis before I go watch it.

3. I want to have atleast 5 kids in the future. I HEART KIDS :)

4. I am going to name my future son Scott / Adrian, and my future daughter Isabella.

5. Sarah is my sensitive name. Soo extremely sensitive that you don't wanna touch it. No offense.

6. Celeries are my favourite vegetable. I can eat them raw like snacks.

7. I have 3 ear piercings. 1 on my left ear lobe, and 2 on my right.

8. I can put atleast 3 quarters of my fist in my mouth.

9. I am a faithful user of Body Shop perfumes. But not going to be anymore *wink wink* :P

10. My favourite cosmetic brand is Lancome.

11. I can be quite a perfectionist at times.

12. I have a dimple on my left cheek. Yeah, just one.

13. I make my own accessories by buying cheap earrings and dismantling them.

14. Currently, I have 8 pairs of flats, 3 pairs of heels, and 2 pairs of sport shoes.

15. I can text without having to look at my phone.

16. I do not think I will ever date a guy who doesn't know how to drive / have a car. (Because I drive)

17. My ideal age of getting married is 26.

18. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT stand nerds wannabe. (You know you're not a nerd, just admit it!!! It's totally fine...seriously...stop trying to be one! It's so annoying!)

19. I totally cannot remember a phone conversation if I receive a call when i'm sleeping.

20. I have Coulrophobia. In other words, I am extremely afraid of clowns.

21. I was 155cm tall when I was in secondary 1. I am currently 157cm tall (short).

22. I used to be a straight As student until I started dating my first boyfriend, then it was down ALL THE WAY. (Learn kids learn!)

23. I grew up in Britain but I speak with more of an american accent.

24. I am ALWAYS misunderstood to be a malay. Even chinese people speak to me in malay.

25. I enjoy living life unnoticed, VERY MUCH.

That's it, i'm done.


Xjion89 said...

Omg, tat;s y u sound so American? Wait, y American anyway? Not British accent like Dr PEF?

Sierra said...

Haha okay. What do you mean by number five?? Just curious. Plus, you knew I was gonna ask, right?? What do you mean by Sarah is such a sensitive name that you don't wanna touch it?

=D Hehe

Eileen D said...

Haha yea, I was born in UK. Grew up there too. But I don't know why I can't speak with the British accent.Haha, Dr.PEF? I think you mean Dr.Energy Technology.

Eileen D said...

Sarah...lol...I just had many bad encounters with a few Sarahs so the name is rather sensitive. Hehe. No offense.

Sierra said...

Haha okay. So sorry about that though, since it's partially my fault it contributed to that. And no worries, none taken. =D