February 17, 2009

Random Surprise

As usual, Michelle and myself attended classes like any other normal day.
While we were in one of our classes today, we noticed two different figures we don't usually see around in class when we turned our backs to look behind, and one of it looked like a monkey to me...

Hmm...looks extremely familiar...

And I took a closer look...

SPOTTED : MONKEY - and a cute one too :P

Haha. It came to our surprise that our two boyfriends a.k.a the two Seans had nothing better to do during their break time and sneaked into our classroom to see us, BUT ENDED UP SLEEPING at the back of the classroom. However, it was really sweet of the both of them :)

What a random but lovely surprise. We heart the both of you! *wink wink* You both should really do this more often :P

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