February 1, 2009

"Flying Off" Again

Earrings, clothing, toilet rolls, toiletries...what else did I miss? Another couple of hours and i'll be heading back to UK - Ulu Kampung.

I've gotten my timetable for the new semester. I can't believe how ridiculously fast classes are starting again. Classes are packed and the new subjects that we will be learning DO NOT seem friendly at all. I truly aspire to be serious with my studies from now onwards, and to play less and exercise more.

Here are the subjects that i'll be learning this new semester:
  1. Heat and Mass Transfer
  2. Engineering Mathematics 2
  3. Process Engineering Project
  4. Energy Technology / Modern Process Chemistry
  5. Separation Process Fundamentals
  6. Engineering Thermodynamics
Apparently, Thermodynamics is the hardest subject among all. Even super duper mooper smarty pants Sean had some (many) problems with it in his first semester. I really hope this subject won't cause me to be kicked out from Uni.

Anyways i'm just really bored now. I just got home from church and my stomach is growling. My mom is not home and there's nothing to eat. I think i'm just gonna finish up the last few episodes of Gossip Girl and probably do some grocery shopping later, maybe wash my oh ever so dirty car even. Football game tonight - Liverpool vs. Chelsea. Not a fan of either one, but i'm gonna go watch the match anyway. Tsk tsk tsk. Peer pressure. I guess I don't really have a choice, I need a social life in Semenyih. Bah.

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