February 3, 2009

This Is So Stupid.

So I came back on Sunday evening, having to come into my room and find my window opened, study desk in a mess with one of the drawers opened. ARGHHH!!! STUPID. Someone tried to break in while I wasn't around, AGAIN. Before I left for the holidays, I called up the maintenance office THREE times to tell them to send someone over and get my window fixed.

"Ok, ok, we will come tonight."
At night, no one showed up and I was waiting like a stupid dog. Called again...
"Oh, nobody went over? No worries, we will fix it first thing tomorrow morning."
Next morning, no one showed up, and I waited like a stupid dog again. So I called for the last time...
"Really?? No worries, i'll send somebody over tomorrow morning, I PROMISE"
Next morning,...damn.

Don't ever expect me to trust you ever again. I repeat, EVER AGAIN!
Too bad I am tied to a one year contract with your blardee company, I can't move out of this place until next year. However, that would be the first thing i'm gonna do once the dateline arrives, and I will, I WILL definitely tell all the new students to never stay in this place of yours.

Okay, I need to calm down.

GRRR. Can't.

After cleaning up the mess in my room on Sunday evening, I went to the kitchen with the intention of wanting to put my groceries in the fridge. OMG. Once I opened the fridge, a pungent smell bursted out of it and spreaded to each and every corner of the entire house. Heck. The fridge wasn't working. I found the main switch was turned off, so I switched it back on, and the entire house blacked out. I didn't bother trying again, the fridge stinked so badly as if someone died inside it, I kid you not.

We had a house meeting at night to discuss about the coffin fridge. We decided to get rid of everything inside it to get rid of the smell. So we arranged shifts for one another to throw the stuff in the fridge away because we didn't want anybody to be sick. We thought it'd be a good idea that everyone is only exposed to the horrible smell for a limited amount of time.

After getting rid of the food stuff inside that horrible thing, the fridge was bloody all over from the raw meat that used to be kept inside. We then figured out an excellent idea to clean the fridge...

We got all the young and strong guys from house number 4 to come help us move the fridge out of the house so we can spray water from the hose to clean it. The guys not only moved the fridge, they volunteered to wash that horrible thing. That in the photo is JC cleaning the fridge while whining like mad, lol. And all we did was...

Watch and laugh at them. Oh, and had an origami class to learn how to fold paper boxes which we were gonna use to place the charcoals we bought to remove the horrible smell in the kitchen.
It was one hellofanight.


Michelle said...

eileeeennnnn! wake up la!! it's already 6.30pm. what happened to jogging at 4.30? i went to ur room to wake u up at 5.30 but the main door was locked! so it's not my fault that today's session is cancelled k? hehehe :p

Xjion89 said...

Omg, tat is horrible. Ppl kept breaking in ur house! U shud super complain for months of rental refund! OMG again, the fridge at least create unity btwn u all. hahahaha..........(^^)

Eileen D said...

lol michelle, it was raining okayyy...

and yea, the fridge is a horrible case. i will definitely NOT pay my rental until they get my window fixed...ishhh :(