January 31, 2009

That's Why I Love You

In my opinion, NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING in this world beats spending quality time with my family. In fact, every single second spent with them IS ber-quality, whether it's just talking rubbish or having a simple meal together.

I personally come from a not so pleasant family background. I believe in curses upon families which passes on from generation to generation. As much as I hate it, I must say that because of it i've learnt to appreciate my family more. I will definitely not allow my kids to be brought up the way I did next time.

One person I truly admire is my irreplaceable - MOM. Although she still treats us like kids and nags more than ever, I see her hardwork as a single mom just to sustain her family and shower us with material things we like once in a while.

Believe it or not, my mom is probably one of the coolest moms you'll ever meet. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and bergossip-gossip, plays play station till like 4 in the morning and refuses to go to bed unless she wins the game and her 2 daughters will be nagging at her because it's disturbing us, she plays every single kind of sport you can possibly think of and she hates shopping.

My mom has gone through a lot of hardship since she was a student, now having 2 daughters like myself and Smelly probably adds on to her suffering. Haha. We are rather rebellious kids that we even have a song titled "N.O.T.H.I.N.G" we composed by ourselves which is supposed to be sung everytime we want to go against our mom. However, we do appreciate her in the littlest things that we do. We really do :) For instance, buying something for her when we are outside with our friends, doing the little chores at home, and...and...*thinks harder* and...oh no...I can't think of anymore. Damn. That shows how unappreciative of our mom we are.

I only started staying with my mom and got to know her in Secondary 3, but mom has always been a loyal girlfriend to me. She shares alot to me about her past experiences with guys and friends, especially at times when I have just had an argument or massive fight with my boyfriend. I know she has been rather (very) hurt from tonnes of relationships that she doesn't believe in men anymore, I personally take her advice seriously when it comes to boy girl relationships. Well, just because my mom has had tonnes of boyfriends when she was my age :P Sometimes it's true that men are all the same (jerks). Or maybe sometimes we are just so unlucky that we never meet the right man. That is why my mom constantly tells me to never be so committed in a relationship and to never stick to one guy your whole life. Woo hoo! I have the license now. Blek.

Whatever it is, parents are cool, especially moms because they will never stop loving you as much as they don't show it. They may seem ridiculous many times and not understanding, but the truth is, they are only human as well. No human is flawless, but they are definitely people we can count on for the rest of our lives. Thank God for parents! Responsible parents of course. So go show some love for them today! Heehee.

P/S: I just felt like writing an essay, sue me.

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