October 20, 2010

Why you?

- you say Ok every time I say No
- you listen to my jokes seriously
- you believe in my judgments even when I make mistakes
- you tell me to spend time with my friends and family
- you put up with all my 'No's
- you talk like an older man
- you say "I understand what you mean" before I get to open my mouth
- you open the car door for me when your hands are full of my things
- you rather carry me and step into the water puddle yourself
- you listen and trust the things I say louder than what you hear from others

Lastly but most importantly,

you have always been there for me.

I love you :)


Elton Yan said...

you are one person who can make me feel so loved besides my family..love u always dearest one =)) u make the best friend and special mate i ever have..and im keeping myself for you =)

pM said...

Sweet!=) ELLLL, I'm always happy for you on your precious discovery, hahaha so do cherish him more eh! and carry your own things lah weih!