October 17, 2010

Gossiping = Unhealthy Snacking

Before it hits your head, you're already doing it, again.

I realised how bad of a habit it is to talk about people behind their backs, be it the good or bad. Sometimes I question whether we were born like this or maybe because we simply have nothing else better to talk about. When we are hanging out with our friends sitting in a coffee shop, sitting by the road side mamak stall, we're doing it again. It becomes a lifestyle, a really unhealthy one.

I say gossiping is like snacking on unhealthy junk food, it is fun and addictive. You will most likely enjoy that moment when you are indulging in juicy stories about people behind their backs, but you don't realise how it slowly becomes bad for your inner being over time. Before you know it, it changes who you are and ruins the relationships and perceptions you have with people, especially your friends.

Learning to accept that we are merely human and embracing our imperfections is necessary, but it is also important that we walk the talk when we say we want to be better people. Actions and words tell of who a person really is, and I need to constantly consciously remind myself to watch what I say before the habit becomes part of me.

Gossip is like poison, it will change who you are and slowly consume you from within.

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