July 1, 2010

healthy/unhealthy addictions i can't get rid of

*drum rolls*

#3: Nuts and Beans

I constantly find myself carrying a small container of almonds in my handbag and pop a handful in my mouth whenever i feel the urge to munch. These babies are definitely addictive, you can't say no to the pleasing crunchy feel it gives you. Don't even go to red bean soup... i crave for anything with adzuki beans ALL THE TIME.

#2 Pastries, Cakes and Cookies
(the culprits)

...or anything SWEET for that matter.
If you don't already know, i strongly believe i was born to eat more sugar than rice.

Recently i got hooked to the aromatic scent of Cinnamon, so i bought 100gms of Cinnamon powder a couple of days ago at Isetan which i intend to use for baking ginger cookies this weekend. However, i was tempted to open the packet and do something with it since 100gms is more than enough for baking anyway... so i did! I made Cinnamon sugar for bread spread and i've also been sprinkling cinnamon powder in everything i eat, e.g. oats, diary-free milk...etc.

Okay, so now comes the ultimate addiction...

#1: Sweet Potatoes

these gorgeous petite darlings have been ranked number one in nutrition. They are indeed very healthy and most nutritious in the list of vegetables.

Steamy sweet potatoes, sweet potato in ginger syrup, sweet potato pies, bubur cha-cha, etc...


Eileen's Elton said...

the way you speak of these food are really making me hungry..haha..
and u said ure nt good at promoting..hehe...

avuvu baby bear

Xjion89 said...

u r so healthy^^~~

Eileen said...

hahahha! i am health conscious, but still can't get rid of the sweet tooth :S