July 4, 2010

The Day We Find Love

First of all, please allow me to promote my fantastic boyfriend's talents in music before I start talking about other irrelevant matters.I witnessed this flawless performance on my own so feel free to watch the video i took below :) my boyfriend is so amazing i am so lucky to have my hands on him :P

Who do you love? - this is another one by Eltonleon :) excellent vocals

he is indeed handsome and gifted, isn't he?

So i have been a vegan for 3 weeks now. I have to admit that practicing vegetarianism really isn't easy. The most challenging part of my vegan lifestyle would be eating out, especially when i'm out with my colleagues/friends. Many times i'd be carrying my own food, eating food decorations or not eating at all. Doesn't that just answer why people are trying so hard to promote vegan lifestyles? Simply because people consume meat as if they fall from the sky. Now farmers have to manufacture animals by feeding them grains and drugs instead of raising them like GOOD OLD TIMES *grrr*
I shall further explain the reason i decided to become a vegosaur in my next post.
So moving on... i had a nice malay dinner with Des and Smelly on Saturday at Jemari.

They have the most amazing Kangkung Kerabu in the entire world

Desmond's sirap selasih

Poor people (or just my sister) had to eat almost all vego dishes. So they ordered fish and tofu too!

Smelly and I went to Bangsar after lunch on Sunday.
We were on a dress-hunting spree and Smelly managed to find a drop-dead gorgeous tube dress - to be seen soon ;)

Mmm.. Red bean-ice and peanut-butter toast are my favourite :)
And, they're dairy-free!

I miss having tea & dessert sessions with my sister. I recall we used to do it every weekend to catch up with each other and talk about everything under the sun. We must keep to this unspoken tradition even after we have our own families next time okay Smelly? Our husbands will be babysitting them at home.

6/7/2010: Sime Darby Lecture Series
"Securing Tomorrow's World: Using Nature's Wealth More Sustainably" by Jonathan Porritt, Sime Darby Convention Centre

menu for the night, of which i refuse to eat 99% of the food served

so i just took pictures!

thankfully they served free flow of various breads, i ate a basketful and downed glasses of guava juice haha!

Jonathan Porritt is such an awesome environmentalist! I totally respect his blatant character and the fact that he's not afraid of offending people by defending the truth. He mentioned about Petronas Twin Towers consuming a hell lot of energy, that was something funny I recall from the night.
I will be following his blog posts from now on at http://www.jonathanporritt.com

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