June 13, 2010

"The Zone"

As i was having a chat with my mummy yesterday in the living room over breakfast, i was telling her about my toothache i got 2 days ago which i believe is because i've been eating too much sugary food, she then responded to me by telling me that i've put on weight and i really need to start watching what i eat.

:( it's true, i've been replacing all my main meals with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, ice-cream, chocolate cookies.. etc etc..

So, i decided to go on a diet. Not just any diet, but the Zone Diet.

So this is the story behind it and how it works..

The zone diet centres on a 40:30:30 ratio of calories obtained from carbs, protein and fat. So literally, you still eat whatever but ensuring the ratios are in place. Veggies & fruits would act as supplements on top of that.

So the diet doesn't actually help a person drop 10 pounds instantly, but it is supposed to help a person lose weight indirectly at a reasonable rate by balancing up the hormone levels in the body. When the insulin and glucagon levels are balanced, a person won't feel hungry all the time or in need of sweet food, which is perfect for me! Plus, diets like these can be really filling..

The zone diet is absolutely safe and healthy! So i decided to try it and this is one of the examples of my meal now..

My lunch today:

spinach noodles tossed with sesame oil topped with tomato omelette

Oh, and i also baked a Mississippi Pecan Pie for daddy's belated birthday yesterday

It looks horrible in the picture, must be my oil-stained phone camera surface while i was baking.. the pecan nuts on the surface were a lil' burnt and the pie pastry was a bit too hard and biscuity. This is my first time baking a pie so i really have loadsa improvement to make. It's also times like these when i wish my annoying boyfriend was around because only he would be silly enough to finish up whatever i cook, even if it tasted tremendously awful.. please come back soon wombat :(

Let me end this post with a couple of pictures i absolutely loveee..

wombat who is in London now
our first facial, massage and fish spa experience.. thanks to Mei che who treated us! It was really nice

my favourite place in the world and also the place i spent atleast 12 hours everyday in the past month

a "ring" Elton drew on my finger when we were going through extreme exam stress while studying

vanilla bread pudding i baked for Mother's Day

isn't my baby sister soo adorable?

Cosmopolitan that made me happy when i was out with Tsze

Part-time job:
Mother's Day Tea Party at Carcosa Seri Negara

our supervisor booked a room for us to keep our belongings, so my crazy sister & i lazed here after work like jakuns

the lovely buffet area

stole some leftover scones with strawberry jam & cream :P


Xjion89 said...

ooo, a string of happy events in life~~~

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eileen's property said...

baby it was my happiest moment ther too..hehe..cant wait to relive it =)