June 16, 2010

New discovery!

As usual, i would bring my lunch box down to Isetan's 'high-class' foodcourt during my lunch break (high class because it is nice and everything at the food court is highly overpriced)

While looking for a place to sit, i 'accidentally' stumbled across a stall selling famous Seremban siew paos and egg tarts. Being a huge fan of egg tarts, i paid extra attention to the pastries, and i noticeddd..


Green tea Egg tart

How interesting! This is my first time coming across such a unique egg tart flavour.
Oh and it tasted really good. Although it was rather pricy (rm1.80) but it was big for an egg tart and it had so much filling inside with the thin side pastry! Mmm.. yum! definitely worth a try

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eileen's property said...

ur donats are crying at ur betrayal..haha