April 24, 2010

"your mom says i'm hot"

The iron man has finally collapsed.

As Elton was lying sick in bed while I was sitting by his side trying to figure out what he was mumbling at the corner of his mouth (he still talks A LOT even when he's sick!), mummy walked into the room to see how he was feeling..

Mummy: Why are you sleeping without the fan? You're having a fever, you should turn on the fan!

*mummy places hand across Elton's forehead and neck*

Mummy: You are so hot! I am going to make you some herbal tea. *walks out of the room*

Elton turned to look at me..

Elton: Eh, your mom just said i'm hot *cheekily winks at me*

Me: ... ... T_T||| *faint*

1 comment:

~G~ said...

wahahaha !!! this post is so him !!!
wahahaha !! so him !!
salute !!!
i think he JOG naked at GentinG!!!
that's why lar !!!! wahaha !!! act cool lar !!! wahahhahahaha !!! dai shi !!!