April 21, 2010

miss you

I haven't seen Elton for a couple of days now. He spent the weekend with his boyfriends and he's currently in Genting, far far away from me. So after he left, i thought i'd be able to lose a couple of pounds and MAYBE surprise him after he's back.. but..

I have been eating more than ever, literally


I believe the reason is because i have no one to share my food with or steal my food away from me, so obviously i really need you

Please come back soon or else you will have to live with an obese girlfriend for a while :( and imagine the coming 3 months when we're gonne be apart from each other, ahh.. *pengsan*


~G~ said...

Go kk aje lar !!! since you so like there !!! :P

Winney said...

My boy not in pahang now,Terengganu samo..>.< far-est~xP haha...niways..so sweet of u two...(:

miss u el^^

Eileendeng said...

Haha.. kenot bah Greg, i'll be interning this summer. Maybe in September.. when are you going to KK?

Winney, miss you too! Haha.. go Terengganu bah! Surprise visittt =PP

~G~ said...

aih ....i duno ....
i will be workiG dy ..at here...not even plan to Go home Y.Y