April 1, 2010

thank you Jesus :)

It is said that people will only remember God during times of trials and troubles, but I am here to prove that saying WRONGGG..

My recent list of blessings from God:

1) I got an internship offer from YTL
2) I got a boyfriend, whom i don't have to be in a LDR with anymoreee
3) I got my best friends =DDD

i am truly grateful =)

Blog is getting a tad bit dull, so here are some pictures for entertainment purposes..

MTQ 2010 is finally over

i didn't win.

however, i got myself a handsome guitarist, a bunch of supportive friends and 1st runner up =) it definitely felt like first

Had a blast at Kota Kinabalu with one of my closest friends Michelle

i also managed to reach the top of Mount Kinabalu's peak!

i don't have to learn kickboxing which gives me bruises anymore because Elton is here to stay, so he can be my bodyguard from now on

Last but not least, I have to show the world how much these 2 people mean to me..

the girlfriend / female version of Elton

the boyfriend / male version of Jacqueline

they drive me nuts, but make me smile

having the both of you side by side has got to be the craziest, yet heartiest feeling ever =)

stay tune!
up next: 21st birthday pictures from Singapore

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~G~ said...

kns ..i kena diabetes already ...i shouldn't read ur bloG anymore >.<