April 7, 2010

food art

So i have been putting on a couple of extra pounds lately due to my irregular hormones and happiness :)

(it is true that being happy makes people fat!)

Here are a couple of pictures that portray the nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine ways you can get creative with your food..

although i did not ask for his permission, i'm sure he doesn't mind being my model for this post..

So it started one fine sunny morning when Elton Leon and i decided to cook a nice breakfast together at my house..

then, the strangest idea popped out of his morning mind..

he made me a peanut butter & chocolate with bacon & egg sandwich
bacon sandwich has never tasted any better to be honest

he proceeded in making.. this.. which consists of frankfurters, scrambled eggs, bacon, pink guava and dragon fruit -i-don't-know-what-it's-called but it sure did not taste too bad =S

What a breakfast!

... ... ...

Have i also mentioned that other than eating, he also enjoys playing with his food?

Dinner at Betty's Midwest Kitchen


sloppy joe

when the creative engine starts..


one meaty sloppy loaf called joe

... ... ...

a lunch where we made lamb shank and beef steak with hainanese sauce

... ... ...

Easter picnic where he made peanut butter & chocolate french toast with egg and nasi lemak

... ... ...

Elton has an exam to study for tomorrow so i cooked corn with spicy lentil soup, black pepper bacon and mushroom & onion omelet for dinner tonight. After all the cooking and oil splattering everywhere, i went to take a quick shower and walked out of the bathroom to see some food Elton saved for me.

Aww..! Thank you hun =))


you just had to


Smelly if you're reading this, i'm sure you understand now why Elton and i get along perfectly =P

So if i do die anytime soon, i believe the only valid cause would be Stomach Confusion


~G~ said...

luckily is elton ...
if me ..you die lonG time aGo already lur~!!! :P
wahahaha ..
i freakinG hunGRy now >.<

Eileendeng said...

hahahahaha! omg cannot imagine being with you then =P

the food is so disgusting but you're hungry!?! hahaha.. ask elton to make for you ;)

~G~ said...

hahaha ....don't ever imaGine ...
you haven;t started imaGine already dead caused by food poisoninG already :P
no lar ...
he specially make for you one ....
i not dare to makan also :)