December 9, 2009

Ni Hao!

So this is my 5th day in big motherland China! Omg i can't believe i've been here for 5 days already.. can i not go home..

Other than the fact that i ate something wrong on the first day i arrived, and got 3 needles pierced through my flesh in one day on my 3rd day here.. CHINA IS SO AWESOME POSSUMMM =)) yes i may have been crying & whining like a baby at the beginning but i'm great now, must be that stupid lab report giving me unnecessary pressure, tsk tsk! :P

The food is horrible in general, to be honest. Everything is a lot saltier, oilier and bigger in portion compared to the chinese food back at home. Other than that, things here are relatively cheap.. so cheap you can blindfold yourself and buy everything you pick up haha.

So as all of you already know, my sister and i have been sponsored to come here for 12 days to attend a winter camp where we're supposed to learn the chinese culture, history and all that.. which we have! And it's been soo funnn.. here's a glimpse of the things we have been doing and learning for the past 5 days;

roamed the streets of Guangzhou

National Art

Wu Shu


more National Art i luvvv


and of course.. made a tonne of new friends! from young to old. We'll be flying off soon in 2 days time to Quanzhou and then to Fuzhou the day after. And then.. back home i come! Oh i miss roti canai and my friends =)

But right now, my heart is feeling so heavy and unsettled because i have 3 deadlines to meet and a test to study for while i'm here =((( God please save me for i am no Superwoman, but i need Your super powers to get me through this time.

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