December 1, 2009

green tea cincau makes me happy :)

I am having second thoughts about going to China, the workload is killing me slowly..

What should i doooo!?!

I'm flying off this Saturday morning for 11 days, everything's planned out and paid for already :(((

Life is so hard.. especially when it comes to making decisions that might affect your entire lifetime.

Only a MD - malibu dream with lots of cream can make me happy right now. But poor town Semenyay only has a Tesco and i can only make myself a nice cup of green tea cincau.

apple crumble with creammm yum!

i miss dessert sessions with daddy and smelly :( only they understand the importance of sugar and whipped cream

I hate to say this, but.. OH SHITTTTTTTTTT!!!

God please save me out of this wreck.

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