November 14, 2009


Finally a week with no deadlines, cancelled laboratory, coursework and test free!

Friday classes no longer exist so i spent the day sleeping in my cozy room today.. ahh like this..

I'll be flying off to China in another 3 weeks. I foresee the amount of work that's gonne pile up then. Lab reports, presentation, coursework and test.. Unfortunately i will hafta bring along my laptop and work with me to china, but i'll most probably end up like this..

Those of you who manage to study and meet all your deadlines in time, i *kao tao* to you! I have a Major issue juggling between work and study now.. Hopefully i'll be able to get something done this weekend :)

I have a G9 now! Thank you daddy! <3 i shall attempt to pick up some photographing skills and show 'em off when the pictures qualify, teehee. Till then!

Back to ZzzZzz..


Xjion89 said...

I wan to said this a lot time ago....i really love ur blog header...haha

anyway, time for me to zzzz....

Winney said...

ah deng^ miss Youu lao poa!我知道你快要飞去中国了…所以…It's time for our outing after my finals!!!fast fast fix a date,we go chang toi keok=D