November 14, 2009

starbucks saturday!

I got up this morning feeling very excited. Somehow my mind knew that today was gonne be an eventful day.

Met up with Sarah for breakfast at Subway this morning. Then we proceeded to Starbucks for

stamp collection coffee & cake and had a good long chat. Too bad Sarah had to rush off to buy her prom dress. Sarah you owe me another breakfast session!

So i decided to continue resting my rump on the comfy cushion while finishing off my yummy mocha praline and doing some math.. after which.. Melly decided to join in my "study session" and somehow, i don't know how, we ended up on a shopping spree! Wahahaha.. i'm such a bad influence.

Bargained and bargained.. we got a good deal off 2 pairs of tights, a headband, a dress and a pair of stunning heels for Melly. I feel accomplished :)

After a good hour of shopping, we finally made our way back to Starbucks for coffee (again) and to study for real! =P atleast mel did. I played with the G9!

Thank god the battery ran out, if not i wouldn't have studied at all.. hehe.. lemme show you Some of my random shots,

i love shots in sepia! =))

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