September 24, 2009

we found banana waterfall! =)

and it was gorgeous...

my phone is really capable of capturing awesome pictures =)

I had a great time with my family and the rest who went. It was only after this trip that I noticed my mom is actually very fit and that my sister is really afraid of heights. So this was another one of those golden opportunities where I got to know my family a lil' better than before.

The journey was very tiring and challenging, but nevertheless, a very enjoyable one. It took about 30 minutes of trekking before arriving at the waterfall, and another 30 minutes to get out. I really regret wearing my flip flops, because I kept losing them in the harsh streams and that was annoying because other people had to slow down consistently just to save my silly shoe =(

Almost everyone got a leech bite. So far on every outdoor/hiking trips i've been to, I have NEVER gotten a leech bite before. It's amazing how even leeches hate me. However, I did get some other bites from mosquitoes and big black ugly spiders. Even so, I am so in love with waterfall hunting! Am definitely gonne attempt a couple more pretty soon.

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