June 6, 2009

to my besties :)

You can get sick of seeing your family everyday. You can get sick of seeing your girlfriend/boyfriend everyday. You can get sick of seeing your boss everyday. But you can not get sick of seeing your best friend everyday.

I had an awesome time today talking to 2 of my besties, Winney & Pui Mun, until we got lost in time. It made me realize how much we (girls) can actually talk, and that it is quite therapeutic to have talking sessions like these. May it be talking about how we've been doing, or digging deep into each others darkest secrets...this is one friendship that I have learned to cherish and invest in to keep it going as far as it can go.

Best friends are so awesome. Especially you two.


I will miss all these chatting sessions where we move from one restaurant to another in a day just to sit and talk after the semester starts again for the three of us. Distance really kills. Especially you Chong Pui Mun! I still don't understand why must you study in some place so far away from home...but on the other hand I am very happy for you as you are gaining tonnes of experiences and fun in Vancouver. As for Winney, at least you are still around :) I am going to bug you till you die, haha! I guess we'll have more -non rubbish- things to talk about soon since you'll be starting your Environmental Science course in July, then we'll have more topics in common to discuss about.

Really hope to catch up with you girls VERY soon, I need more of you both to keep my skin looking healthier and my hair shinier with the hormones you guys pump into me.

Thanks again you two!

From Pui Mun all the way from Canada

my favourite low range brand products that cannot be found here in Malaysia with a really cute stack of little notes which will definitely come in handy :)

From Winney (you're even giving me a present on your own birthday >.<)
you know I adore accessories :)

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