June 5, 2009

life is unfair, just like ol'times

I'm still not over the fact that Kris Allen won American Idol this year. That joker couldn't even sing the winning song properly and simply lost control of his voice, the low parts were too low for him and the high parts were too high for him. He's the American Idol winner? Ridiculous.

Adam Lambert on the other hand knows how to use his voice really well and has full control of it. Refuse to believe? Listen to the studio versions.

Kris Allen's version:

Adam Lambert's version:

This song is called No Boundaries, but I feel so bounded by Kris Allen's version. I feel like my motivation in life just died after listening to him sing this song that he made sound so depressing. Of course Adam Lambert made it alive again, i'm not kidding you.

I am also not over the fact that David Cook won last year's instead of David Archuleta. What kind of world is this? So called justice.

Or maybe it's just a fact that I can never get what I want. Hmph.

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