June 4, 2009

elefriend :)

I had an extremely fun and enlightening trip today. Sean, myself together with Sarah, Jon and their friend Sam visited an elephant orphanage in Kuala Gandah, Pahang.

This elephant sanctuary is responsible of "adopting" wild elephants and looking after them as an act of conservation. It consists of mainly thick forests which is often visited by tourists and locals from all over the place. No entrance fee is charged :) hehe...BUT it is limited to 120 visitors a day.

Pictures speak louder than words, so here they are...taken by Jon and myself.

elephant ride

feeding the elephants

in the river

bathing the oh so cute baby elephants

the 5 of us :)

I am aware that these wild animals need a home and that their habitats are constantly encroached by plantations, urbanisation and buildings. Are you aware?

This is one of the baby elephants we saw today,
it is missing a leg and can only move very slowly. If this elephant was not saved from the wild, can you imagine what would happen to this baby elephant when searching for food is a problem on top of its disability?

Think about it. You know you care :) so do something about it!

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