June 21, 2009

'cause you give me something :) that makes me scared, alright

I would sneak into your room in the middle of the night and hide under your armpits underneath the blanket because mummy would forbid me sleeping with the both of you.

I picked up the hobby of snacking on raw celeries while watching TV from you.

You almost made me deaf while you were cleaning my ears :P

You helped me shop for my stage performance outfit and wore my trousers the other way round and I couldn't pee for one whole day in school.

You got me a talking toy parrot because I bugged you for a pet.

I looked forward to seeing you every night when you came back from work. I sat on your lap and "drove" your car in the house.

I like animals very much because you like animals too. You took time to chop carrots and vegetables in the kitchen so that me and Melissa can feed the horses behind our house.

You secretly gave me money while I was saving up for my LeeHom CDs.

You buy me buckets of Baskin Robbins' chocolate ice-cream that will usually last me for weeks.

You got me a pet puppy after I was whining about it for years.

You make me strive for straight As and never stop telling me that it is not enough.

You got me collections of Planet Earth DVDs from the UK because you know I like them.

You cry when you are seriously mad at me, and also when you miss me :)


Have a Happy Father's Day.
I am the luckiest daughter on earth :)

I also remember when I was younger I told you that i'm gonna be taller than you when i'm older, well, looking at me now...

nothing much has changed :S

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