June 21, 2009

back again

I just came back from a short window shopping session on my own after my sister ditched me to be with Eddy. I decided to find something for my very dry + damaged broom-like hair so that hopefully it'll be more manageable.

So after getting a bottle of hair treatment masque, I started wandering about the mall while holding a bar of
Beryl's chocolate in my hand. Then, I stumbled across a boutique and found this...

I got this denim skirt for a VERY good buy from Kitschen, The Curve. The colour is so nice and it feels very nice on me and and and...it's just very nice lah. If i'm not mistaken this place is rather new (according to my dearest sister) so there aren't many people yet. They are currently having sales and the nice shorts are like about an average of rm20++ after discount. I think the tops are alright, but their skirts and shorts are not too bad and worth buying. So girls go visit this place!

Anyways here are some snippets taken when BFF Kenneth and myself visited the science centre in Mont Kiara last week:

through the microscope
one of it is E.coli and the other is some virus

Kenneth's hand on a static machine thinggy which describes some galaxy theory

tadpole ---> hideous toad

machine turtle which I thought was real, dang it

Lastly, to my surprise, my boyfriend showed up

he was probably stalking me the whole time...

JK! :)

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