June 24, 2009


Thanks to Desmond, I managed to get a sneak peak of the pre-screening...

I'm definitely watching it again. Not only because it is super awesome, but also because I didn't pay attention to a couple of parts so I missed out. AND...I have to admit that Megan Fox is super super superrr sizzling in this movie compared to the first one. She's really my type of girl, haha! Not because of her body, but her role in the movie as a courageous yet sweet girlfriend...any girl would look up to her like a goddess, BUT ONLY as Mikaela Banes and NOT Megan Fox.

I'm gonna be watching it with Sean for sure. He's gonna be so proud of his car after the movie. Apparently his car, also known as the black knight is a decepticon if you notice the logo in front of it. I hope he's gonna enjoy the movie because of the cool parts, and NOT because of Megan Fox. Alright, Sean?

I'm only JK! I understand that guys need a break. Besides, I think i'm gonna be the one looking at her more, haha!
"what to do, I need to "get-to-know" my competition"

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