April 25, 2009



I am officially a stalker of...

Andrey Arshavin
the russian Arsenal player who scored 4 goals after 64 years since the last history in the match against Liverpool

I know he is married and has a baby yada yada yada I don't care. He is such freaking good football player :) Plus i've always had a thing for fair skinned guys with red blushing cheeks and is good with his left arm and leg, haha. He is actually pretty intelligent too. He has a degree in fashion design and wrote 3 books. Okayyy...I think i'll keep the rest of the stalking results details to myself.

Gunners bring it on!
I can sense somebody smiling while reading this post, mahem


Sarah L said...

Well... someone's into Arsenal. bad timing though, you guys lost to Man U in the match yesterday. xD

Eileen D said...

no worries...home game coming up...man utd already feels threatened...not to mention that i can't wait to see that cry baby's face (cristiano ronaldo) again, haha

Desmond said...

Crybaby Just scored 2 against Arsenal... Muahahahahahaha!!