January 29, 2009

To Jay Lee.

We might not be very close, but you have always been the friendly guy I know from class. Although you tend to tease me quite frequently (all the time actually), but underneath all those jokes, I know you're a great guy and helpful friend. Today is your big day, so I would like to take this time and a little space on my blog to wish you a very...


I hope you have a great year ahead and achieve everything you've set on achieving this year.

P/S: I still owe you japanese buffet :P don't think i've forgotten.


Xjion89 said...

OoOoo, very touching! U see, u want to make me cry on my bday! hahaha, and even I tease u almost all the time*, u are stil a great friend. - Yup, I can see that u shop all the time. Got anything for me?! I think I wil pass , becoz lipstick and mini-skirt is really ...not suitable?haha, a big thanks to u (^^). I will definitely do the same thing to u!


Eileen D said...

Lol. It's true! Haha, I don't wear miniskirts myself, too dangerous...what would you like then? Do you collect handbags? Hehe. Not to worry. I rather live life unnoticed, thank u very much :)