January 27, 2009

Beautiful Tonight :)

After having dinner with Sean in the city, he asked me where I wanted to go next. I didn't have anywhere to go or anything to do in mind, so I suggested that we go back. However, Sean had somewhere in mind to go to so we hopped in the car and started driving. He refused to tell me where we were heading to and the whole journey was rather silent. He got mad at me earlier on before dinner because of something stupid I said but we managed to talk over it in the car. The journey to wherever Sean was taking us felt rather long, and then we were suddenly on a road going up a hill. The road up the hill was pretty dark and I started to get a little paranoid and wonder where we were heading to. After some time, Sean stopped the car and we began to walk up the hill *panting and panting* until we arrived at the peak......


It was soo soo beautiful! I wish I brought my camera to take some nice shots.

On the tower, where we were laughing because we couldn't take a proper photo after a couple of attempts.

We then came down from the tower where we were seeing the pretty city lights to go for a quench. The scenery from our table was just as beautiful. Never have I ever imagined that all this was real because we only see these things on television in romantic shows where the guy takes the girl up the hill and falls on his knees to propose. Haha, atleast that is what i've been thinking all along. Some shots from where we were sitting...

City Lights 1

City Lights 2

Being cheeky, as usual.

A proper one.

So Sean Ong Eng Hau a.k.a Ape Man, if you are reading this, thank you soo much! I appreciate the idea, your effort and dedication. Especially even after getting lost a couple of times (which explains why the journey took us so long) you still managed to get us there in one piece! It was a wonderful night :)

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