January 24, 2009

NS rocks!

I remember how she used to be crying over the phone once every couple of days each time she called back. She had a hard time adapting to the new environment in the first week that she fell sick. We even had to take a 5 hours drive up to Pahang on the first weekend to visit her. But now she's back...

Who? Who?
...My beloved sista! Melly the smelly poo, who was chosen for National Service and was sent to Chini lake. She's back, and...as a heroin!

I am so proud of her. The used to be flabby stick-looking creature who only knew how to snack all day in front of the television is looking extremely fit and healthy now. She even has the intiative of getting up early in the morning to exercise. A big, huge, capital OMG right??? Haha.

After visiting the campsite for the second time today, I realize how fun National Service can be. Seriously. I wish I got chosen for it 2 years ago. Of course I wish I didn't at that time. But seriously, what's there to hate about it?
  • You are provided with daily necessities. i.e: bed, locker, uniforms, shoes, eating utensils...etc
  • You get 6 meals a day. Fruits are provided every meal to ensure you are not lack of nutrition!
  • You get to experience challenging activities which you normally have to pay alot for. i.e: flying fox, gun-shooting...etc
  • You get to make new friends.
  • You get to visit a foreign land.
  • The government gives you a monthly allowance of RM150 on top of the rest of the stuff provided.

Not only that, thing is, the government has to invite you there! Not everybody gets the opportunity to be picked for such a "money-falling-from-the-sky-like programme". Especially for spoilt brats like myself, this programme is an excellent chance for character building. It's not all perfect, some of the trainers can be rather racist and ridiculous, but they won't kill you as much as they hate you. Looking at the current condition of my sister, she has become a much more confident person than she used to be after serving her time at the camp for a month. Just lovely. I hope nobody fights with me over the television after this. Haha. I'd appreciate a partner to exercise with too! *Hint hint*

Some pictures taken...

In her cool blue uniform.

One happy family.

In the prisoners' locker.


Tall smelly trying to be funny.

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Xjion89 said...

haaaaaaaaaa, NS rocks like the commercial in tv?!
That is a surprise.!!!!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!(^^)