January 26, 2009

I just need to blog.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gongxi Gongxi...

I am in desperate need of a new handbag right now. And maybe a pair of new jeans, and maybe a couple of heels, and maybe...and maybe...and maybe...

Clothes I bought this CNY:

2 dresses

5 tops

1 sweater

1 shorts

1 belt

OMG! I'm such a shopaholic that I should really learn how to stop and control myself. The love for clothes and material things has become a disease. It's uncurable I wish I knew how to atleast stop it. I've spent quite a bit on buying clothes this CNY. I won't reveal the exact figure of course, it's too sensitive and soo embarrassing.

This actually hits me that I should add a couple more resolutions to my new year resolution list:
1. To NEVER EVER EVER buy things that are overpriced.
2. To keep aside 50 bucks ONLY each month for clothes/shoes/accessories/wtv.

Please keep track of me. Seriously.

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