August 15, 2010

Random facts about me

that people might already know / don't know

- I am sugar over salt. I have a serious sweet tooth problem.

- I am shy around strangers, but I have a loud laugh which isn't.

- Yellow is my favourite colour, but I also like turquoise & other girly colours like pink & purple.

- I only want 2 children in the future, to minimize human population. I want a daughter, I will name her Demetria, which means lover of the earth.

- My parents think I will never get married. My sister thinks I treat guys like shit.

- I am beach over highlands. I like sun, sand & sea very much.

- I am games over cardio. I like badminton more than running.

- I am flowers over fruits. My perfume, lip balm, soap, lotion are mostly flower scented.

- I abhor liquor. I abhor loud music that drives people deaf.

- Singing is number one on my hobby list. I sing aloud when i'm driving & when I shower.

- I am accessories over clothes, especially earrings, I have over 100 pairs of them no kidding. I like designing and making my own accessories.

- I am non-fiction over fiction. Biographies are my favourite.

- I am movies over TV series. The only TV series I really like is Disney's Sonny with a Chance.

- I am ambitious. I want to invent something that can significantly contribute to the environment. However, I still believe that the smallest things can make BIG changes.

Ok, I think this is it for now. I shall continue with the list when new things come to my mind.

T-minus 12 hours to Sarawak, going to be in Bintulu for work for the next 5 days and Kuching on Saturday. I am sleepy and my luggage is officially 97% packed, I just need to remember my phone charger & laptop bag. I need my sister to cut my hair for me 'cos I can barely see anything through my long black fringe. I need to put in more funky songs in my temporary E72 'toy' so I can play with it in the next 6 days. I need to say goodnight to my boyfriend. I need to stop blogging now or else I won't be able to get up in the morning. Good night blog, Xx

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