August 21, 2010

My first Bimbo post - the Wishlist

Hola peeps! I am back from Sarawak. Had loadsa fun and learned a lot throughout the 6 days business trip, what an experience!

So other than the famous Sarawak kek lapis and some tourist souvenirs, I didn't have a lot of time to go around and shop. However, I saw something I adore SO SOO SOO much after I landed in KLIA, it is currently #1 on my wishlist:
If you guys don't already know, I am into a lot of punk and rock right now (I certainly did not lose my girly side if you were wondering)

I stumbled upon this while I was checking out the Victoria's Secret booth in the duty free zone, the black ring in the pretty box caught my attention. Then I took a closer look and found out it is actually a lip gloss ring, my heart fainted immediately T_T I am a real sucker for lip glosses too. Then I took a look at the price... okay, lets TRY to forget about it *walked off*

I hope I can get someone in the States to buy me this, pretty pretty pleaseee... I hardly have a wishlist so it shouldn't be too selfish to ask for something pretty once in a lil' while, righttt? *cheeky smiles*

I checked out the other "Love Rocks" themed merchandises, they were really cool too...

IF ONLY... ... ...

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Elton Yan said...

iguana.the ring looks like oreo lar!!! the top there..first thing tht came to my mind XD