July 12, 2010

I didn't know Vanessa Hudgens had bangs!

After watching Jennifer Lopez in The Backup Plan, i fell for her bangs which made her look amazingly sexy... so i decided to get myself bangs over the weekend too! J Lo is so HOT she has won my heart =P

I was browsing through a magazine at the salon on a column about celebrity with bangs, i happen to stumble upon a few other celebrities who look great with the edgy fringe! Vanessa Hudgens was one of them...

And here is mine... can't really pull it off though, unfortunately

If Elton was around, he'd prolly say I look like Kim Kardashian now T_T

I took up a part time job over the weekend - pregnant mothers' conference by Pitter Patter for pregnant ladies and their husbands.
It was soo sweet and i'm definitely looking forward to having my own baby soon, i mean, ASAP =P i really love kids

celebrity chef Ismail cooking chicken masala and banana shake with mama's milk

I also attended YTL's granddaughter(who is also my boss)'s Wedding ceremony on Saturday

so there goes another weekend, which didn't feel like a weekend at all :(
I desperately need comfort food.

A bowl of sweet potatoes in ginger syrup would be fantastic =)

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