June 25, 2010

Farewell dinner for Ottavia

Had a lovely dinner last night with the rest of my colleagues and our director in conjunction with our Italian senior consultant, Ottavia's farewell. She has been with the company for 6 months and she'll be leaving for UK with her husband and kids after this.

Dinner was at Annalakshmi, which is located in the Temple of Fine Arts at Brickfields.
What an interesting place!

The dinner was beyond two thumbs up. Vegetarian food buffet, cooked and served with love by volunteers and housewives. The people who served us were very polite and helpful too!

Oh and i never knew indian food could be that filling. This was literally all i ate plus 2 more coriander chapatis and i was so stuffed! I'd highly recommend this place, especially for those who are vegans/vegetarians like me.

Not only that, they call it "vegetarian-buffet-and-pay-as-you-wish". That pretty much says it all :) there is no fixed price for this buffet as they accept any amount of money you contribute which will eventually be donated to charity. So even if you walk out without paying, no one is gonne come after you! Haha, but of course you wouldn't do that if you're humaneee..

hmm.. it's about time to clean my camera lens

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