June 3, 2010

elton returns to the jungle

5 more hours before Elton leaves to Sabah and UK for the next 3~4 months. I'm glad i managed to spend the last couple of days with him.

I am going to miss the simple thoughts and things you do for me - the time you sat on the floor for more than 2 hours to fix my favourite pair of heels. Everyone was staring at us when you went barefoot and i wore your enormous shoes walking around the mall.

I am going to miss the silly things and pranks we play on each other
what kinda couple calls each other dumbasses?

Someone who will sing and play little melodies to me
they never fail to lift my soul and cheer me up

I am going to miss being with someone whom i can be so comfortable with
I can only think of one person who would be dumb enough to listen to what i say =P

Most of all, i am gonne miss our head hugs

Have a safe flight and come back soon =) i'll be waiting


~G~ said...

hey hey hey ~!!
i just realize i dun have your MSN~!!!!
add me ~!
or did i have your msn ??? OMG~! @.@
i dunno

Eileendeng said...

whats your msn?? mine is dengeileen@hotmail.com

~G~ said...