March 17, 2010

i need to find you, i gotta find you

I have always had trust issues when it comes to boys, and that plays a very big part in why i refuse to date & believe the words spoken by that particular species. However, i do place my trust in the Lord, and i believe that God will place the right person in my life at the right time in the right situation.

It may sound very corny, but this is one of my prayers to the Lord every night before i sleep..

"Oh Lord you know what's best for me. So if he is the one, please show me. I've given up trying to decide for myself because they always end up being the wrong choices."

But this time, i'm pretty sure God has spoken. And i have found you - my very own troy bolton, heehee.

Anyway am supposed to be busy packing for Kinabalu tomorrow, but dang this Bejeweled Blitz i can't seem to get my fingers off the mouse! I really need to beat the high scoreee..
I hope i don't roll down from the mountain with frozen toes and broken nails on Saturday, so wish me luck! No no, pray for me :) Amen.


~G~ said...

wahhh ~!! u Got Go traininG or not b4???
haha ~!! the 1st time i Get to Go up the peak ..then the 2nd time ...i can't ..cause i', two year older already Y.Y
weuuhhhuuu ~~!!
k la ~!! have fun in your trips ~!!
show me pic ~! :P
JEsus loves you ~! :P

bzz said...

Wow, I think I missed out sth.

Who's your Troy Bolton?=P


Eileendeng said...

I just got down from the mountain yesterday. Seriously Greg, i think my feet just died. As much as i wanna save electricity, i'm not gonne take the stairs for a month.. wahahaha.. we should go again! Next time you take me. Boleh bah? :)

Mun2.. heehee.. you'll get to see him soon, promise! :) Hope Pluto's better now.

~G~ said...

wahahahaha ~!!!
the time when i Go is durionG Graduation trip ~!!
after the mountain we need to Go shoppinG laGi ~! >.<
aiks ~!! laGi teruk ~!! wahaha ~!!
hey ~! show pic ~ !P

Xjion89 said...

hohoho, congratzzz again! and plz dun get addicted to bejeweled...@@