February 9, 2010

goodbye seems to be the hardest word

Oh oh check out my new header! Sarah did it for me over Starbucks during the weekend =)) ty so much Sarah! I do love it. Oh my love for vintage flowersss..

9 more days before you leave for Melbourne. I'm gonne miss you so much :( i'm gonne be tremendously deprived of all the girly talks over coffee.

Okay. I shall keep the rest of my personal speech to Sarah in private. I'll think of something to blog about soon.


~G~ said...

yih!!! envy nya !!!!

Sarah said...

Aaaaaaahhhhhh please don't make me cry. :'( I'm already feeling sad about leaving you and so many other friends. *sniffles* I'll really miss our coffee outings. :) And definitely the chatting, which never ends, haha! At least I'll be seeing you one more time before I go.