January 27, 2010

bummed out

How long has it been now?

Just when i thought i was strong enough and could handle it all, you had to tell me that you have doubts.

You've shattered the dream i was hoping to achieve, the destiny i was longing to live in, the new chapters of my life i was looking forward to unfolding. I lived this whole time hoping for the better, but you made me realise that i was merely pretending to be strong all this while.

Yet, i cannot blame you. I forgot that this was all a gamble - 6 faces of the dice we could never be sure which side was going to appear. Why didn't i see that you were never ready to roll it to begin with?

Uncertainties are killing our future prospects. It's time for me to wake up from this happily ever after dream of mine and accept the fact that this is all just a phase, and it's going to be over very soon.


munx2 said...

Hey dear, what's wrong??

never stop believing in yourself okay. that makes a big difference.

Eileendeng said...

:( spk soon..