November 17, 2009

single but Not available

So what am i feeling?

Honestly, idk. However, it sure feels great not having to answer to anybody whenever i wanna do something or try something new now.

My circle of friends have amazingly expanded and i'm getting to know a lot more people a lot more better than before.

I guess i do miss having someone around Sometimes. But it's ok, and i am ok. I rather not right now, at least not until i am ready to share my life with someone else.

But friends are greattt..

had my 6th cup of Starbucks with mark yday, and more to come!

Sometimes people need to step out of their comfortable lives and turn around to get a better view of what they want. As for me, i've definitely learned things the hard way, and thank God that i did.

Yes i may have gone through a heap of unnecessary nonsense but i'm definitely stronger than before now. Crash and burn, i am ok. And i'd very much appreciate people and those who call themselves friends to stop being so judgemental if you only see life from one view point.

Friends come and go, true friends do not come and go.

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LadyVanity said...

me 2.
i wish i were strong enough to walk away.