July 31, 2009

lunch time

I am currently blogging from my office table, again.

It is lunch time now, and I am hungry, very hungry. But I cannot go out to lunch because somebody is mad at me, and I don't wanna go out by my own because I don't have a book to accompany me.

I can't wait till work ends...I don't know if I should go to church for Mother Teresa tonight.

My schedule for tomorrow is rather packed, and I am so excited.

Lets see...

10 am - meeting and shopping session with the husband/bestie/winney not the pooh

4.30 pm - music practice

6 pm - training for KK at Bkt Kiara

10 pm - JAZZZZ =))) - MJ's tribute in KL

We'll be going to Bentong for durian and waterfall session on Sunday after church. It's gonne be so fun with the youth around. I want to throw Darren into the waterfall. Hehehe...I bet everyone wants to.

On a random note, I like how my hair is tied up into a neat ponytail today. My fringe is finally long enough to be tied up together with the rest of its sisters.

Work continues...

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