June 19, 2009

says who I am high maintenance?

Sean thinks I am high maintenance because I eat a lot. Not just that, I eat a lot of expensive food and only like those.

That is just so NOT true.

Simple things like these make me a happy girl, not to mention that they are pretty affordable.

Many times you can find these chocolates placed on dinner tables during weddings. Not many people enjoy the taste of Beryl's chocolates because according to them, these delicious chocolates apparently tastes cheap. Did you know that I simply adoreee Beryl's chocolates?
See, i'm so easily satisfied! :)

So I was hunting for this at Cold Storage for quite some time yesterday, even my sister wasn't patient enough and came to help me.

Then only I remembered that Cold Storage sells mostly imported chocolates (Beryl's is made locally) So the only closest thing to that that I could find was this,

It's not even this, it was just a tiny box of it which cost me rm4.59, and I ate them all up vigorously and there was none left this morning.

I really really seriously like Beryl's chocolates :) So if you're thinking of a gift that's on the cheaper range, this would be much appreciated. Hehehe!!!!!!

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